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Boloader Pro

Good Morning

I have purchased and i am waiting for it to arrive but just want to plan.

SO 1st thing i have to do is install pro software. this then has two options upgrade or configuration. What happens if i click upgrade?

Do i need to install both thease to ?
Alsdo what other software do i need to install on it to keep it updated ?

Firmware download´╝ÜStable Firmware 20211220.1513Lan connection Firmware 20220103.2103

Also ay present i am using a Xim link so i can flick between my pc and my ps5 and works amazing as i used to have a switch which disconnected all time. Will xim link work. i presume it will.
Thanks in advance


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no need to update beloader pro when you get

just download and install driver and manager here :
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