Shaybb Publish time 2022-07-17 03:58:45

(resolved)Xim not connecting to Beloader Pro!

Hello everyone, i have followed the instructions from the video guide and when its time to plug in the Xim it doesnt seem to connect andDualSense Controller cuts off, and when i cut the controller back on seems the only thing connected is the controller and the beloader and xim seeees to exist.

beloadermanager Publish time 2022-07-18 19:18:03

1: remove ps5 joypad from ps5 system, and turn off your ps5 joypad
2:restart your PS5 console
3:power off ps5 console and connect beloader pro, waiting remote connected
4:if remote connected well, insert your xim, and insert ps5 joypad into xim
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