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【Event Notice】About the besavior / beloader rebate and commission plan

Rebate Program:
If you make and share videos using besavior / beloader to YouTube/Facebook/TikTok (one or more platforms can be used), after the video is released, please send the link and order number to mailbox, we will have a special person to review your video content, once it is determined that it meets our requirements, we will provide you The order was refunded $10. If your total video views exceeds 10,000 (the total number of views on multiple platforms), we will fully refund your money for besavior / beloader .

PS: The length of the video is not limited, and the content can be played freely, such as the special gameplay of besavior / beloader, usage tutorial, function introduction, etc., as long as the video shows the relevant content of besavior / beloader, it meets the requirements.

Commission Plan:
      If you want to earn more commission through besavior / beloader, you can add your exclusive promotion link to your video introduction. When someone buys and completes the order, you can also get 10% commission for each order. For the personal promotion link, please log in, click on My Account - My Orders at the top, then find Make Money on the left, click to view the details, if there is anything you don't understand about this event, please feel free to contact

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July 21, 2022

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